Get to know: iris is dark blue, green and slightly opaque, only canines or no, cannot stand up and still crawling

The best way is to find another mother cat. If you want to cat mother to reconcile with the new kitten, you take the urine of the kittens that the mother cat born and coat to the new kitten.

If you cannot find another mother cat, you can take care as follow:

Always warm the kitten with towels or t-shirt that are as thin as possible. You should place them in layers

Buy a milk jug for kitten in veterinary stores and use sterilized milk. Before you feed the kitten, you should warm milk about 40oC and clean the milk jug with boiling water. Feeding the kitten about 3-4 times per day equidistantly

The kittens need to bask 45 minutes per day (from 7-10am)

If the kittens have diarrhea when drinking milk, you must bring them to the vet immediately. You cannot solve this problem.

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