Cats need help

Dear friends,

As you know rescuing animals like cats and dogs, is not always easy, and when you have many of them at home to give them a safe place to live, especially in some countries like Vietnam where cats and dogs are stolen to be tortured and killed for consumption.

I am looking for supporters to help me to pay the food and the vet bills. More than 50 cats to feed each day and 2 dogs and even if i try my best to find for them a new home, it's so difficult for adult cats to find a loving family so they stay with me.

A few days ago someone threw over my house wall. 3 little kitties, hopefully they are still alive but need attention and milk.

So any help from you or your friends can really make a difference for all the pets i rescue each day. The 3 kittens will need a visit to the vet for vaccination and care, i've got 3 other cats very sick (Cochise, Charly and Clint)...

Thanks a lot for any help



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